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13. Let it Grow interviews

Let it Grow journal
The Plant Messiah’s manifesto

I got to meet the messiah, Carlos Magdalena (Kew Gardens), for Let it Grow’s journal in 2018. I talked with him about his magic touch, his ‘manifesto’ for saving the world’s most endangered plants, and the small things we can all do to save our planet. Contact me if you’d like to read this interview in full.

Interview extract:
          “Carlos Magdalena – Botanical Horticulturist at The Tropical Nursery, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – was first dubbed the ‘El Mesías de las Plantas’ in a Spanish newspaper. But it wasn’t until Sir David Attenborough interviewed him for The Kingdom of Plants series that the Plant Messiah moniker came into being. From there his mission became known to a wider world. An extraordinary mission of bringing the world’s most endangered plants back from the brink, while also reminding us of the importance of plants and how much we depend on them every day of our lives.”

“This guy called Monet invented a whole artist movement just by looking at one. You just never know where a plant is going to get you.” 


“Plants are not merely some living things in our lives. They are the pop stars of our planet” – Carlos Magdalena.