Kelsey Lee Jones

Kelsey Lee Jones
Native English Copywriter / Editor / Communications Specialist
based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

            Currently working with International Film Festival Rotterdam, as an editor of football-fashion fanzine SEASON Zine, and taking up occasional freelance projects. Get a glimpse at my work across these pages. I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in working together, have ideas to share, or just want to say hello! 
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16. No Football Colours Allowed


‘No Football Colours Allowed’
On the art of dress in football culture, fandom and the 1980s Terrace Casual.

“It’s called upping – and always has been. Upping is about being that step ahead of everyone else, or having that item of clothing no one else can get”.

             While studying BA (Hons) Fashion Communication, I wrote my final dissertation on a study of dress, identity and brands in football culture and fandom – focused on the well-dressed ‘Terrace Casuals’ of the 1980s and 90s. I was fascinated by this group who took the art of ‘dressing’ rather seriously. Topics covered: identity of the football fan, acquiring casual fashion, club affiliations and one-upmanship. I also featured brand studies on adidas, Burberry, C.P. Company, Nike, Pringle, Sergio Tacchini, and more. I’m still very much engaged in fashion and football culture. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.