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International Film Festival Rotterdam

May 2018 — July 2022
        Working year-round at International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), I made sure the festival’s stories connect with its many audiences: that’s everyone from local Rotterdamers to international industry professionals and filmmakers and film-anoraks to festival first-timers.

I wrote copy and rook care of editorial planning and communications across a suite of digital channels, and the day-to-day direction and strategy of all social media channels.

Channels: Facebook, Instagram*, Twitter, YouTube, App (including the festival’s own Film Finder tool), IFFR Your Tab (a Chrome and Firefox extension), IFFR Unleashed (VOD) and newsletters.

*Grew Instagram following + 60% in my first 6 months.


︎ Copywriting 
︎ Communications
︎ Editorial strategy and production
︎ Editiorial writing and editing  
︎ Social media management 
︎ Community building 

Film still: Les Sorcières de l'Orient (2021) by Julien Faraut