Copywriter / Editor / Communications Specialist,
based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Let it Grow organisation 

Copywriting / Editorial / Communications 

Let it Grow is a one-of-a-kind innovation platform for green city enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, and a collaboration between Vandejong Creative Agency and Royal FloraHolland. From 2017 to 2018, I was an editor for the project based in Amsterdam. 

“Planting the seeds for urban green living”

Let it Grow’s platform for accelerating greener cities featured an online journal and network, as well as an incubator programme—the world's first—for floriculture startups. My own mission was to inspire and connect with green communities online, support and profile participants in our programme, and to find fresh and interesting ways to approach plants and flowers.

            Collaborating with a creative team I helped define an editorial and social strategy. I also worked on editorial ideas and concepts, commissioned, wrote and edited features and interviews, digital and print copy, community building, newsletters and lots more!

Let it Grow incubation programme

Let it Grow launched the world's first incubator focused on floriculture and green initatives in collaboration with Royal FloraHolland, the largest flower and plant auction in the world. The aim was to facilitate and guide entrepreneurs who positively influence city life with flowers and/or plants in their growth.

Mapping green intiatives

We designed one of the largest online maps marking details of green initiatives from cities all over the world. Some of those intitatives are pictured above: Rooftop Republic (Hong Kong), Stek de Stadstuinwinkel (Rotterdam), Hackney Herbal (London), and Weedy Resistance (New York).

Let it Grow journal

To connect with the global green community, we also developed an online journal that featured a mix of fun and inspiring stories related to plants and flowers: long and short reads, interviews, expert pieces from our in-house scientist and more.

Read a couple of my own interviews from the journal: