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SEASON zine is a women-led football fanzine/fashion magazine, where the evolving interplay between football, fashion and personal style is explored.

As a big fan of the beautiful game and a fashion lover myself, I’m proud to have contributed to each issue since 2016 with editorial ideas, stories and personal fan diaries. I’ve had the chance to write about the world’s greenest club (Forest Green Rovers), football bettors, club cheerleaders, fem-tech for sports, and loads more.

I recently stepped up as an Editor-at-Large, further supporting the team in shaping editorial across print and digital. As part of that, I re-launched and edited the monthly newsletter: The SEASON Letter.

Follow us or say hello if you have a cool football story you’d like to contribute.  @season_zine

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The SEASON Letter: Newsletter editing and copywriting 


   Photography: Rocky Hehakaija, Favela Street interview.